What is SEO?

There are so many aspects that affect the Google ranking of your website in search engines that it is practically impossible to cover them all.

However, there are basic aspects that you can influence for your website success in search results. In this article, we reveal several of them, fundamentally important. We answer the questions: “What is SEO?” and why website optimization is important and explain our approach to SEO here on the Fenix Digital Agency blog.

So what is SEO?

SEO is a website search engine optimization. The practice of websites optimizing allows the latter to achieve high positions in Google search results. But we are also talking about such search engines as: Yahoo, Yandex and so on. First of all, SEO website optimization is focused on long-term ranking in search results without paying for ad space to search engines.

Specific terminology

Website optimizers tend to use rather specific terminology, which may not be understandable for a tech-savvy user. For example, for topics such as analytics or technical SEO. Fenix Digital Agency wants to make SEO understandable for you, so in our SEO section you will find out:

How search engines work in Google
What is the likelihood that the pages of your website are crawled by a search robot
How to find out about your website performance or how to increase its productivity
How to optimize your website

We will introduce you to specific SEO terminology so that you can better understand our work. In addition, we will explain in layman’s language how to improve the SEO of your own website.

Why google?

Search Engine Market Share Worldwide - FXDGA

Why do we focus on Google search? Because according to the global statistics of the respected resource Stat Counter (Global Stats), Google ranks first in the world among all search engines with a search query market share of 93.27% as of September 2018. More than 6 billion users use Google search daily.

How does google work?

Let’s see how Google works and what it actually does: for many of you this will be pretty strange news. Let us explain in a simple way what Google actually does.

Follow the links. Google and other search engines always follow the links. They follow links from one web page to another. Googlebot consists of an algorithm, an index, and a crawler that resembles a web crawler or web spider. The Google search spider follows links on the Internet.

Google Index

It runs on the Internet 24/7 and stores the HTML version of all pages in a gigantic database called the Google Index. This index is updated if a Google crawler comes back to your website and finds new or revised web pages. Accordingly, each new version of your page will be saved.

Depending on the traffic on your website and the number of changes you make on your website. Google search bots appear more or less frequently.

Google Spider Web Crawler

Google crawler - поисковой паук - FX Digital Agency - fxdga.eu

In order for Google to know about the existence of your website. It is very desirable that a link appears from another site, which has long been in the index to your website.

The search robot first session

The link to your website should be active. If the first user follows this link, this will lead to the search robot first session. Accordingly to the first save of your website in the index. From now on your site may appear in Google search results.

Search Robot Repeat Sessions

If users often follow your links, then this leads to repeated sessions of the search robot. So your site will appear in Google search results much more often.

Relevant Google Search Rankings

That is why advertising on highly visited portals, popular and readable resources on the Internet is so much appreciated. Websites that place their ads there receive not only conversions and potential leads (buyers), but also more relevant search rankings.

Google secret algorithm

Google algorithm is complicated

It is developing rapidly changing from time to time. So, after your website indexing Google may show it in the search results. The search engine is trying to match a specific search query to the web pages indexed by Googlebot. For this, Google has a specific algorithm that determines which pages are displayed in which order.

Search Results Order

It is a secret how this algorithm works. However, no one knows for sure what factors determine the order of search results other than Google itself. We know for sure the following: so that users can quickly find the information they need, search robots collect information on hundreds of billions of pages and arrange it in an index search.

Как работает Google поиск - FX Digital Agency - fxdga.eu

Google algorithm is not static

It changes regularly. The factors that determine the order and importance of various aspects of a search change very often. Although the algorithm is secret, Google really tells us which things are important for the search. Because depending on the users behavior, websites and on their compliance with certain rules, the operation of the search engine itself depends.

The most important factors of the search robot

Despite the fact that the Google algorithm has been kept secret for decades, our practical experience in SEO helps to create a pretty good idea of ​​the most important factors in the work of a search robot. Let’s look at them.

Google uses over 200 ranking factors, local SEO in Spain

We found the following … Google algorithm factors can be divided into two main categories, which together determine your website ranking:

  • Internal ranking factors: intra-page
  • External ranking factors: off-page

Google’s internal ranking factors

The internal Google ranking factors and any other search engine are all those online SEO factors that you can influence using your own website. That’s why all your website technical aspects are extremely important to increase the likelihood of its ranking in search engines.

What you need to pay attention to:

  • Уour website structure should be optimized
  • The website speed must be adjusted within the Google standards limits
  • Уour website content should be consistent with the business, website structure and UI&UX requirements
  • Уour website content should be unique, interesting, SEO optimized and systematically updated.

To learn more about these important factors that influence your website’s ranking from the very beginning, look at our SEO and content articles.

Important! Fénix Digital Technology helps to overcome most technical and SEO problems when starting a new site.

External Google Ranking Factors

External Google Ranking Factors, Fénix Digital Technology Barcelona, Spain

In addition to online Google ranking factors there are external ranking factors by search engines. They are also referred to as off-page SEO factors.

Number and quality of links

Google’s external ranking factors are much more difficult to influence. The most important of the external factors is the number and quality of links pointing to your website. The more quality relevant websites that link to your site, the higher your position in the search will be.

Your competitive advantage

Another external Google ranking factor is your competitive advantage regarding your business segment. Due to the high competition on the Internet, in some business segments ranking is much more difficult. Thus the market competitiveness also has a big impact on the website’s chances of getting into relevant ranking. That is why for a highly competitive business, good internal website optimization and thorough work on external factors are important.

Google Compliance

Testing and experimentation give us a relatively good idea about the Google algorithm operation, about important factors and changes in these factors. Fenix Digital Agency includes these factors when do web design in Spain and other European countries. We also talk about this in our blogs.

To make web pages visible in Google search results, our specialists make the website compatible with the Google algorithm using appropriate SEO methods.

The links meaning for search engines

Настройка ссылок и поисковая оптимизация FX Digital Agency - fxdga.eu

It’s important to have a basic understanding of how Google and most other search engines use site links. The number of links pointing to the page is used to determine how important this page is.

Some links are more important than others

Thus, the more links a particular site has, the more important it is for search engines. Both internal links (coming from the same website) and external links (from other sites) can help in ranking web pages on Google. However, some links are more important than others. Links from websites that have many inbound links are generally more important than links from small sites with multiple inbound links.

Search Links Importance

The search links importance was always something that led to the active links creation. While you are collecting links that are useful and logical, link building can be a good SEO strategy. We use this promotion method, we create the right links. But if you collect (or worse buy) shadow links, Google may punish you for that. You will learn more about the link building dangers in our blog posts.

Google Search Results Page

Страница резутльтатов поиска, оптимизация сайта в Испании FX Digital Agency - fxdga.eu

The Google search results page also known as SERP. It shows about 7 or 10 websites links. These are the links that are best suited for your search query (according to the Google algorithm).

Search Results List. We view these results as results of a regular search. If you click on the second page from the results list, more results will appear. Accordingly, the lower the results in the search list, the less likely that someone will find your website.

90% of users search on the first page only

According to official Google statistics, 90% of users look at search results only on the first page. And priority clicks get the first four links in the search bar.

Paid links, advertising, PPC

In most cases the first 4-10 links on the first page are paid links. These links are Google advertising — Google Ads. People paid Google to place these links at the search engine top for targeted searches. The prices of these ads vary greatly depending on the search query competitiveness.

What is Integrated SEO?

Комплексная SEO оптимизация сайта FX DigitalAgency FXDGA

We urge: do not try to fool Google! The intelligent search engine Googlebot is developing so rapidly that sooner or later it will notice your deception and “reward” you with penalties for this …

Google Penalties. After Google’s penalties, restoring his trust will be difficult and in some cases almost impossible. Using tricks to keep your website up to Google’s algorithm always works in the short term.

Long-term website development strategy. That’s why Fenix Digital prefers integrated SEO website in Spain and Europe, which implies the long-term strategy creation for developing your online business and your website. As a long-term investment in your online project, integrated SEO involves observing the rules of the search engine and matching its mission.

Promotion Factors. SEO website optimization works include both external and internal promotion factors. We talked about them above. After all, the Google mission is to properly organize information in the online world. Therefore the search engine seeks to make it universal and useful.

Google wants to show its users the best result for any particular key query. And our digital agency goal is to provide the best result for your business, to create the conditions under which target users will receive the desired product. Your product. And you will increase trust, sales and recognition on the Internet with a multi-billion users audience.

SEO and Google: a specialists conclusion

SEO продвижение сайтов в Испании и Европе FX Digital Agency - fxdga.eu

Search engine optimization or SEO is the websites optimizing practice to make them appear in the regular search results first lines. To do this, the SEO specialist is trying to build a website in accordance with the Google algorithm.

Practical knowledge, scientific approach

Although Google’s algorithm remains secret, more than ten years of experience with our SEO specialists in search engine optimization in Barcelona, Spain and other Europe. We has led to a pretty good idea of ​​the important ranking factors. We track all communications from Google, changes in search algorithms. So our SEO experts check what and how it actually works in search engines.

Comprehensive SEO and no tricks

We stand for comprehensive website optimization integrated SEO, because our practice shows the high efficiency of this strategic approach. Finally your website optimization strategy should never seem like a gimmick. Google wants to show the user the result that best matches their search query.

Would you like to get a high result for this particular search query? Then make sure your website matches your search query. Do your best for this. Do not go for tricks, which then with a high probability can cost you more.

SEO strategies that work

How Google works — this understanding helps our team create SEO strategies that work. Website optimization in Barcelona, Spain and other Europe by our specialists reflects the results in the search from the first 2-3 works month. This confirmation is the grateful feedback from our esteemed customers.

Therefore, we believe that you will succeed too! And if you have no time to deal with website optimization issues delegate them to Fénix Digital Technology!

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