Marketing Mixed Promotion Strategy

Every day, dozens of digital tools and digital strategies are created in the world that are implemented in the business, attract and retain customers. Part of digital strategies works right away. The other part requires time, patience and ingenuity. A third of the strategies are mixed, the most optimal for any type of business with a minimum advertising budget, since they cover fast paid channels and long-term free channels for promoting on the Internet.

Using analytic data

One of the approaches to digital marketing is based on the use of analytical data. The analytical approach is used by strong digital agencies aimed at financially measurable results.

For example: You are offered to use a mixed digital strategy for website promotion on the Internet – a combination of SEO and paid targeted advertising on Facebook. Accordingly, it is advisable to run SEO immediately after creating the site. Since any seo-strategy takes time and patience: from 2-3 months.

The timing of the SEO channel depends on the competition, the characteristics of the audience and the schedule of the creation and dissemination of information about your brand or product. With all this, any seo-work is measurable through the Google Analytics analytical system. If the content is interesting, the page is competently optimized and distributed according to the schedule in the necessary channels – it will be found by your target audience, read, share content and thereby increase the page rank of your site in the search.

Such search engine promotion can be effectively launched in parallel with paid advertising in order to accelerate lead generation – more actively attracting potential customers to your site.

How do you determine if a paid ad channel will work for your brand?

Ask for an approximate calculation of targeting. You will find out what facebook offers you with an assigned budget:

  • Reach by Interest
  • Impressions
  • Daily budget
  • Avg CPC
  • The potential number of clicks on your site
  • Average user-to-client conversion

An SMM specialist can provide a screenshot of such an analysis or show you the calculation in the system in real time. Of course, if the smm-specialist has sufficient experience in conducting advertising campaigns on Facebook and can demonstrate his experience to you on the basis of successful projects, the analytical calculation of the system will meet your expectations with a high degree of probability.

Customer focus

A holistic understanding of their target audience can be difficult for companies whose marketing efforts are not integrated into digital communities. Finally, the collaboration of your company’s media professionals should be faster and more susceptible to external changes. Therefore, the creation of an effective promotion strategy requires deep and flexible cooperation between teams of experts who are able to:

  • Respond to constant changes in the network, try new channels that your consumers use
  • Take into account trends and hobbies of potential customers
  • Respond quickly to the needs of your audience through their research in social communities

By focusing on the consumer, you establish a strong connection with the audience of your business and help your brand grow. As a result, you get an influx of new customers and your capital also grows.

Let’s Create a Marketing Mixed Promotion Strategy in 3 steps

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