About Us

We are a scrum team of product marketers and IT specialists. We provide an outsourced marketing department, providing a range of work to launch and market the product/business in Spain and elsewhere in Europe. We actively use an agile approach in our work.


The programmers and digital marketers at Fenix Digital Technology began their journey as IT freelancers more than 15 years ago.

Each in their own country. Each in their own city. We have always loved what we do, which is why we are still interested in developing in the online space today. We once crossed paths on the Internet to solve joint tasks and until now we are together as a team.

To begin with, we set up a small Russian company in 2006 to take orders in Russia. Primarily, we worked in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov.


A few years later, thanks to word of mouth, we began to receive orders from foreign partners. Starting in 2012, we expanded our team by acquiring foreign partners. In 2014, we changed our Russian jurisdiction, renamed our agency and refocused on the international market.


Since 2014, Fénix Digital Agency is an international Internet marketing agency owned by Online Europe Group S.A. Part of the Fénix Digital team is working on several startup projects for Online Europe Group S.A.


Part of the Fenix team has moved to Europe, including Spain. As a result, since 2018 we have opened a representative office in Spain, Fénix Digital Technology S.L.

Today, our project under the name Fénix Digital is an Internet marketing agency focused on launching start-up projects.

Fénix Digital is the first full service Spanish internet marketing agency which provides a wide range of digital marketing services in Spain. We’re looking forward to opening more of our agency’s offices in other European countries – Belgium, Estonia and Ireland.


We provide B2B marketing services in business areas such as:

  • IT, EduTech
  • Real Estate and Investments
  • Legal, accounting and business services
  • Marketplaces, Online Shops and Other B2B/B2C Internet Services

We work with European companies from Spain, France, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Belgium and other European countries. Our business partners include representatives of digital agencies with years of experience in the production of digital advertising for European and international business.

Our philosophy

We support innovative ideas in our projects and are always open to exploring new areas of the online market. We love interesting and useful projects, that's why we allow ourselves to reject boring ideas.

We love our job! It makes us feel good! We love giving new business momentum, pushing businesses online, helping them outpace their competitors and grow further.

A large part of our team are creative, creative people who are always looking for opportunities to create new value for consumers. That's why, over the years, the Fénix Digital team has avidly studied Internet trends, adapting novelties and applying them to their projects.

A large part of our team are creative, creative people who are always looking for opportunities to create new value for consumers. That's why, over the years, the Fénix Digital team has avidly studied Internet trends, adapting innovations and applying them to its projects.

We publish articles on current IT topics on our blog. But we don't like spam, so we very rarely offer newsletter subscriptions ourselves.

We answer questions and offer free ideas and advice. There are more than 800 people in our Facebook community, including our clients and partners. We invite you to join our community, join us!

Our team

Our small team has 10 certified specialists with 15+ years' experience in internet marketing. We specialise in international projects. We have an international team.


Co-founder, Managing Partner, Managing IT projects, Worldwide

Irina Orfanidi


Co-founder, BDM, Project/Product Marketing Manager & Marketing analyst, UI/UX analyst


Co-founder, Chief IT Engineer, Sweden


Managing Partner, International Advertising Manager, Digital & Strategy Analyst, Worldwide


International Marketing Manager & SEM Specialist, France


Managing Partner, International Marketing Director, Analyst & Digital Strategy Expert Worldwide


Digital Specialist & Analyst, Spain

Grigory Pasko


International Journalist,
Czech Republic


Account Manager,


SMM Partner, Social Advertising & PR Manager, Spain


Social Media Partner,




Web Designer, UI & UX Expert, Span


Middle Marketer,


Middle Marketer,


Content Manager, Digital PR, Czech Republic


Social Media Specialist,

Our partners

How we work


We study your project in detail, analyse the market and competitors, conducting an in-depth industry analysis. Agree project details and target audience engagement strategy.


Based on this data, we create a semantic core and a digital strategy to promote the brand or product. We develop business-specific website architecture and web design, taking into account user experience and analytical data.


We test and deliver a web project to you. We carry out a range of work to promote your business on the internet. We create additional virtual brand representations for successful promotion.


We measure conversions, evaluate Results and performance against a KPI model, and provide interim reports.


The result, you get an influx of new customers and an effective tool for engaging with an unlimited internet audience.


We provide warranty service, support and further maintenance of the project. We advise on strategies to promote your brand on the internet.

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