Generic internet marketing strategy development process

There is a methodology that uses statistics and analytical data from several reliable sources. First of all, the process of building an Internet marketing strategy begins with the collection of all available business data:

  • The brand
  • The target audience
  • Competitors
  • Distribution channels and so on

For example: Fénix Digital collects data from sources through Google Analytics online. After a series of deep-sea business analysis, the marketer develops a detailed “version” of the target client for the business. Actually – it creates an accurate description of your target audience and your ideal target client.

Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer

For example, guided by a deep understanding of your business goals, we put ourselves in the shoes of the client in order to better understand his needs, desires and predict possible behavior.

Thus, we create a model of possible customer behavior that combines several stages:

  • Search for information
  • Interests
  • Website Interaction
  • Content Study
  • Application for service and product purchase

How visitors perceive the content you publish

To understand this, use a variety of real-time tools and analysis to optimize performance. Do not stop there – improve content and promotion processes.

For example: Even when everything works well, we strive to improve our creativity and strategic work. We do this so that you get the best business results and increase the return on your investment in Internet marketing.

What do you get thanks to a mixed strategy and integrated promotion on the Internet?

Thanks to comprehensive promotion, you get access to an unlimited large audience of your potential customers:

  • Increase your product’s sales conversion
  • You can measure success by the results you receive and make improvements.
  • Thanks to a finely tuned approach – you have the opportunity to grow further and sell more
  • Come to the ultimate goal – increase profits while optimizing costs with digital communications

How to start?

  1. Fill the site with unique content
  2. Carry out technical SEO-optimization of the site to improve positions in search engines
  3. Think website logic
  4. Provide intuitive use of the necessary functions
  5. Make a redesign: a modern, stylish web design and user-friendly interface based on user experience (UX). UX to keep the attention of your potential customers

How can we help you?

The demand for user experience has grown at such a dizzying speed that traditional marketing itself is still catching up with it. Now, Digital requires deep cooperation between specialists. A series of individual consultations is now indispensable. As a full-cycle digital marketing agency, we bring your business online to a turnkey basis and ensure business growth with the help of modern digital solutions.

Do it in 3 Steps

  1. Send us an information about your project and we will determine the scope of work
  2. We will contact you, discuss the project, agree on the details and start working
  3. Optimize Your Website: Contact us now
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