How to determine my website performance

If the website has a lot of crawl errors (that is, the search engine sees your pages as erroneous) or if Google does not see your pages at all, then there’s no point in talking about technical efficiency of the website without eliminating technical errors. For such purposes, there are many tools on the Internet for tracking the indexing web pages status. But we will focus on the best of them.

Search Console Performance Report

You can determine your website effectiveness by using the performance report in the Google Search Console. The Google Search Console is one of the best tools for tracking the indexing web pages status.

Google Search Results Positions

This analytical service also provides information on how many times and at what positions appeared in the search web pages results, as well as how many times users clicked on them.

Impressions, clicks, and clickthrough rates

In the Google Search Console Performance Report you can also view information about impressions, clicks, and CTR search query analysis. And if you go into the settings on the navigation bar you can view detailed information about users. It is worth noting that more data has become available in the Search Console and new features have appeared that allow you to improve the position of your website in Google search results.

European GDPR Law

Before using Google reports and other analytical tools for your website we recommend that you study the European GDPR Law and draw up an appropriate Privacy Policy for the website. On this issue you can also contact the specialists of Fénix Digital Agency. We can also provide search engine optimization in Barcelona, Spain or other European countries.

What website information can be found using the Google Search Console

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  1. WebSite Search Traffic Data: First of all, you can view the data about the website search traffic for the last 16 months (previously information was available up to three months).
  2. Information about specific web pages: Search Console now provides detailed information about specific web pages. This information includes canonical URLs, indexing status, mobile usability, and so on.
  3. Crawl Your Googlebot Web Pages: The Google Search Console has tools that let you track the crawl of your Googlebot web pages, fix related errors, and send re-indexing requests!
  4. Convenience of the new interface: The new Google Search Console interface is optimized for mobile devices, so you are no longer tied to a working PC to analyze your site.

How to fix website errors

Using the same analytical tool, Google Search Console, you have the opportunity to fix website errors. For example such as:

  • Blocked Pages
  • Pages not searchable
  • SEO Important Sitemaps
  • Page troubleshooting

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Blocked Pages

Using the Google Search Console, you can find robots.txt files, noindex directives, as well as blocked pages on your website and correct the situation. To do this use the URL link checking tool. Google also describes blocking causes and other issues that need to be addressed and avoided in the future.

Pages not searchable

For various reasons, some pages on your site may not be available for Google search. And to find out if they are available online for the Googlebot search engine and if there are page crawl errors. You also need to check all the links on the site. As in the first case the URL link checking tool is used for this. After correcting page errors, Fenix Digital Emergency recommends requesting them to re-scan (correctly) Googlebot. A page scan request is available in the same tool. We do Engine Marketing in Barcelona, Spain and other European countries many years.

Sitemaps SEO Important

Карта сайта Sitemap - FXDGA - FX Digital Agency

Among our guidelines when creating a new website is to create a sitemap and upload it to the Google Search Console. This element is very important for SEO. In practice far from all webmasters are concerned about the SEO component of their customers’ websites and separately sell SEO services.

Therefore if you are not yet our client, check your website for a Sitemap and send the site map to Google. To do this upload the sitemap files to the Search Console in the report section for Sitemaps. From the moment Google downloads it will immediately begin checking files. In the report on indexing pages of the Google Search Console you can check errors at the website level and learn how to fix errors on pages that could not be indexed by the search engine.

A sharp jump in the number of errors

We draw your attention to the fact that a sharp jump in the number of crawl errors can occur when the website template changes. If you didn’t find the page errors cause in the above paragraphs, use the Google Search Console report on the advanced results status. And if you have no time to engage in website analytics and improve the performance — Fénix Digital Technology’s SEO analytics is always at your service! Search Engine Marketing in Barcelona, Spain and other Europe is our specialty.

Article is based on Google.

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