Google Ads

Advertising agency Fénix Digital starts business at high speeds via Google Ads & Yandex.Direct. Google PPC marketing in several European languages. We increase sales in a short time & make sales forecasts with an accuracy of 75%


10+ years of experience in the digital market


70+ certified professionals in our company


All advertising formats in the advertising networks


End-to-end analytics, configure call tracking for forecasts

Quick customers acquisition via
contextual advertising

We provide the flow target customers request to your website,
increase the number of sales, increase the brand popularity

  1. We work with all contextual advertising formats Google Ads & Yandex.Direct —
    we increase sales in the shortest possible time — thanks to the our certified specialists who accumulated expertise, accurate analysis and timely advertisements updating
  2. We guarantee strict target audience coverage c we analyze the your target audience behavior and select the most relevant requests for your business
  3. We have accumulated expertise, we use modern technologies — we perfectly master Google Ads & Yandex.Direct tools
  4. We work in several European languages — we equally provide advertising services in several languages, especial: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Leading Google Partners

The Google Premier Partner emblem is an attribute of the most successful contextual advertising agencies, that deliver consistently high results for Google ad channel

All contextual advertising formats

We work with all contextual advertising Google & Yandex formats. Perfectly own advertising tools:

  • Static and dynamic Yandex & Google Remarketing
  • Google Shops
  • Yandex Market

Guaranteed fast sales growth

The contextual advertising place with the end-to-end analytics installation on your website, call tracking configure

  • We show ads only to the target audience, that meets the necessary criteria
  • We regularly update advertisements via analysis your potential customers behavior
  • We select the most transactional queries and channels on the desired topic with maximum return

Our business offer uniqueness
for you

We have accumulated expertise and experience of more than 70 certified specialists in Google Ads & Yandex advertising services

  1. We give guarantees for the your advertising return
  2. We make sales analysis and forecasts with a 70% accuracy
  3. We determine the maximum sales conversion with the optimal cost per click — CPC
  4. We work with all contextual advertising formats — this allows you to choose the most effective advertising option for your business

Our partners

Estimate your benefits of working with Fénix Digital Technology

We know advertising works specificity, we use an effective solutions for all business areas

  1. We have unique accumulated experience — we have already implemented more than 200 successful projects in Russia and Europe, we know which advertising formats work in your business theme and how to ensure the maximum return on contextual advertising in a short time
  2. We are guaranteed to achieve your business goals — we are working in detail on an advertising campaign focusing on the desired goals. We provide 100% result already in the second month of conducting the campaign: we get potential customers for you, determine the value of your potential customer, we get maximum conversion at the optimal click price
  3. We increase the advertising campaigns effectiveness — we set up statistical data collection systems through Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica with Call Tracking connection
  4. We are Google’s leading partners — the Google Premier Partner emblem is an attribute of the most successful contextual advertising agencies that deliver consistently high results for their customers
  5. Our projects success is provided by leading certified experts — our experts are certified by the main advertising platforms: Google Ads & Yandex.Direct
  6. We provide the most comfortable cooperation — we provide detailed reports as well as access to analytics and advertising campaign systems through your personal account, where you can see data online for all key metrics. And our personal manager will answer your questions and advise as necessary

What benefits do you get when starting Google Ads with Fénix Digital

We provide professional contextual advertising placement: Google Ads, Google Ads Remarketing & PPC advertising with PPC management

SMM cтратегия Digital маркетинга в Европе
  1. You get customers in the shortest possible time, because we know your audience: before starting advertising we study your potential customers demand and behavior
  2. You’ll better know your client and his behavior on the Internet: уou get a deeper understanding of your potential customers and their behavior when interacting with your website, get the opportunity to track performance on requests and sales, as well as monitor the advertising tools work
  3. We increase the queries and sales conversion: we provide an accurate analysis of your business target audience, we create attractive ads commercial offers
  4. We optimize advertising costs for you: we conduct split tests organized the right automatic settings for bid management, we reduce the potential client cost
  5. You get the most out of advertising: regularly analyze the advertising campaign effectiveness, automate processes, allocate the budget in the most effective advertising channels favor and evaluate the connecting new feasibility
  6. We improving your website’s selling qualities: as part of the contextual Ads work we organise comprehensive service
  7. We conduct your website audit and technical optimization: to get the most out of the advertising campaign. This allows you to convert more website visitors to potential customers

The Google & Yandex contextual advertising cost

The advertising cost depends on the business specifics, market and the website status

Contextual advertising in Google Ads & Yandex.Direct

We provide a range of services: setting up, launching and conducting advertising campaigns.

Among the additional options are possible: website technical optimization, remarketing, CPA-networks (pay-per-action) and other channels. Management Ads tariff excluding advertising budget

Contextual advertising including web analytics

We provide a contextual advertising services range with the maximum return on paid channels for attracting customers:

Setting up, launching, running advertising campaigns, technical website optimization, connecting web analytics, call tracking

Calculate the advertising cost

Our manager will contact you. Then our specialist will provide you an individual commercial offer taking into account market opportunities and the targeted advertising channel

Increase Sales in 3 Steps

The advertising cost depends on the business specifics, the market situation,
the services range and the website status

  1. Send us your project information, website links and business pages
  2. We will discuss your case, exact business goals and objectives. We evaluate the scope of work, formulate a commercial offer, coordinate the cooperation details
  3. We start marketing on schedule according to the Technical Tasks, measure results, make improvements
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